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sex and the city: season two soundtrack November 5, 2007


do you remember the frenzy for diamante horseshoe necklaces during season 2? i got mine from fenwick – which saved me about £170 as i was fully prepared to go pay £200 for the liberty version, i was that desperate. i don’t even wanna know how much the real thing cost…it wasn’t an option at the time but later i did fork out for the adina circle necklace as worn by jennifer aniston and eva longoria.

this is one of my favourite series. sorry, seasons.

i even like the twentysomething women episode – let’s get one thing straight though. natasha was most definitely sleeping with someone at ralph lauren. no 26 year old is as far up the career ladder as she was portrayed to be. but, there was a little irony in skinny, self-obsessed carrie calling her the ‘idiot stick figure with no soul’.

the soundtrack for season one is here

download here

diana krall – devil may care

diana ross – love hangover

fatboy slim – praise you

fatboy slim – rockafeller skank

four piece suit – bombasteroid

frank sinatra – it was a very good year

jesse cook – tempest

montefiori cocktail -gne gne

ozomatli – como ves

right said fred – i’m too sexy

tchaikovsky – dance of the sugar plum fairy

voo doo phunk – point of view


6 Responses to “sex and the city: season two soundtrack”

  1. cila Says:

    great list!

    …do you know what song it is in epi. 24 in the end when carrie and big breaks up? it’s amazing.

    all the best,

  2. Jake Says:

    La Punta La Eperanza

  3. Eric Says:

    hey do you know the song when samantha is walking down the street in her red dress and checks out John Enos (Mr. Cocky)? Its spanish guitar with a good beat

  4. Carol Says:

    “Anna” by Gunnar Madsen. It can be found on the album “13 Ways of Looking at a Waltz.” It’s a great song, I was searchingfor it forever!

  5. Shwu Says:

    Hi! Does anyone know the name of the french song in Season 2 Episode 8 “Evolution” that was playing when Stephan (Dan Futterman) was with Charlotte in his kitchen?


  6. Roald Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song in season two, ep. two (The awful truth) that is played when Carrie calls mr. Big and invites him to her birthdayparty???

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