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vote jls December 1, 2008


i want jls to win the x factor. i also love alex but think she’ll do well whatever happens now. i can’t stand diana or eoghan! even though i’m not a fan of rock music, I liked ruth and loved her purple rain performance.

but i just love jls, there are so many reasons why it would be good for them to win. they’re talented, seem to be really nice people and just work really well together. they should have sung ‘born to make you happy’ on saturday night, by the way.

god i would be such a better mentor than louis although several million other could claim the same thing. loving james corden slating britney – the idea that she has a back catalogue worthy of a theme is pathetic. given that she’s in cahoots with brian friedman it wasn’t that difficult to negotiate her appearance, surely?

ruth is now urging her fans to support jls and alex – good for her, and this speaks volumes about the brattish behaviour of diana and eoghan. diana appears to believe her own hype and eoghan clearly believes simon’s relentless ‘you’re the one to beat’ mantra. simon – you can keep saying it but it won’t become true.

interesting that in a week where diana was told to tone down her quirkiness, she took it to new levels by actually snarling into the mic during ‘everybody hurts’. the judges, even cheryl, clearly have time for her after the fake laryngitis hissy fit, alleged diva strop when she wasn’t given a song she liked last week and now possibly bringing the show into disrepute if the rumours that she is pregnant with eggnog’s child are true.

eggnog…i mean, who the fuck is voting for this talentless irksome brat? be ashamed of yourselves.

download jls song choices

112 – only you

after 7 – can’t stop

alexander o’neal – criticize

another level – be alone no more

bell biv devoe – poison

bobby brown – don’t be cruel

hi-five – i like the way

lemar – if there’s any justice

new edition – mr telephone man 

new kids on the block – if you go away

take that – pray

troop – sweet november


19 Responses to “vote jls”

  1. Maria Begum Says:


  2. Rahi Majeda Says:

    aston u rock and ur just 2 gd at singin!!!!!!
    but still keep it up u fabo


  3. Jessica Says:

    I Luv u aston merrygold, ur so gawjus xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i do Luv jb, marvin, and oriese but aston is jst full off pure fitness lol x

  4. Jessica Says:

    Hey jls u sud of won alex is a bitch i Luved ur version off the winners album but i hated alexs version plz email me on teggjessica@yahoo.co.uk
    Please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. mercadies Says:

    i think that jb out of jls looks hot he is so sexy i want to snog him can u tell him for me plz i went to see him on sat @ manchester areena he looked well fit i crieed wen he came on thankyou plz tell him i ❤ jb from jls call me i lv u ps ur sexy better than the rest

  6. Claire Borland Says:

    Yu were well beta dan alex x
    Yu’s r lke well fit x
    Marvin yu r da fittest x
    Luv yu claire x

  7. olivia Says:

    aston you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofit all the others are fit aswell but aston is the best xxxx!!!

  8. i love you jls ason and marvin you are fit xxx love you all xx

  9. hot chic Says:

    jls r the BOMB they ROCK mi world. i love this pic of them soooo HOT

  10. chelsey Says:

    haya jls i cant belive im txting use can u plz tell me how to get backstage passesd plsz i have a ticket all i need is a back stage pass plz i love u mre than my ma ri now plz txt bk

  11. x shannon x Says:

    x I love your picture guys! x i love you all so so much… im so glad you won instead of that alex she doesnt deserve to win it any way!!!! =D when i heard that you had won i was crying!! x i will be deffo gettin the JLS calandar 2010! ;D

    x i ❤ your new song "everybody in love'' im listenin to it right now x please EAMIL me PLEASE!!!!!!!!! on x-candybabe-x@live.com YOU ALL ARE SO SO FIT! x you rock my world & tell ASTON that i think he is GAWJUS! ;P but u all are still REALLY FIT!

  12. x shannon x Says:

    x I love your picture! x you all look SO FIT on it but you are FIT anyway… Im so glad that you won the X factor last year… when I heard you won I was cryin! x but you should of won anyway coz that alex didnt derserve to win AND YOU DID! x LUV U LDS! ;D PLEASE PLEASE EAMIL ME… X

    x you are all so so FIT! x but will you tell ASTON that i think he is GAWJUS! ;p and i adore your new song “every body in love!” im gettin the JLS calandar in 2010! love shannon… x

  13. taslima Says:

    hello ilove ur songs


  14. genna Says:

    hi jls i am genna i like you so much i listen your song every day for example beat again i like it.have a good time with love genna

  15. jacqueline Says:

    heya.. auston ur well fit i love u ta bits….
    love ur allbum …

  16. Cydni Says:

    jb i think you are so fit and so is aston :DD

  17. shuana Says:

    hey aston L Love U 2 bbiittss and marvin jb and orisae luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. kirsty Says:

    luv aston he roks hes ft

  19. Isabella Beardsmore Says:


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