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girls dem sugar July 5, 2008

in contrast to what looks like a male dominated roots reggae scene, in the uk, the lover’s rock movement was exemplified by young girl bands. lovers rock merged reggae with smoother soul sounds in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience.

way before brandy, monica and aaliyah became notable for launching careers barely into their teens, groups of south london schoolgirls were rocking sound systems and making some of the best reggae music of the late 70s.

download here

15-16-17 – funny feeling

althea and donna – uptown top ranking

brown sugar – hello stranger

cool notes – i’ve got to let him

the gaylets – lonely feeling

revelation – with you boy

the sadonians – goodbye my love

sister love – goodbye little man

the tonettes – i’ll give it to you

winsome – am i the same girl


2 Responses to “girls dem sugar”

  1. cliff Says:

    I am happily married to one of the Sadonians for the past 18 years. This says a lot about the girls of this era, as we were school days sweethearts. My wife is still very much in love with her fellow girl band singers and they keep in touch!! What a good bunch. It should be like that today for the young singers, it’s all about lovng and respecting each other for who they are and forming indistructable frierndship forever having each other always in their hearts.

  2. Audrey Says:

    Thanks Cliff for such a lovely comment, and it’s so true. Many of us were young girls having a great time & fortunate enough to make an impact @ home & abroad. Long Live Lovers Rock x

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