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old music for new people

say my name: d to i April 21, 2008





funnily enough, esmeralda never caught on as a baby name. ’emma’ by hot chocolate was released in 1973…there are a LOT of 25-35 year olds called emma. at least two in every class during my school days.

download here

another bad creation – iesha

blacknuss – dinah

charme – georgy porgy

de la soul – jenifa taught me

hot chocolate – emma 

lloyd – hazel

prince – the ballad of dorothy parker

ryan leslie – irina

william bell – eloise

le gamby – esmeralda

sade – frankie’s first affair

sister sledge – frankie


3 Responses to “say my name: d to i”

  1. hamiyast Says:

    Hi, do u know where I can find all these Love is…. posters on the net? Desperately nostalgic!

  2. Cindy O Says:

    I used to collect these LOVE IS comic strip back in the 70’s. Since the late 90’s I have not seen one comic strip in our local papers but just found out there are many papers that still publish these strips at Facebook.

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