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sex and the city: season three soundtrack November 9, 2007


this might be my favourite series. one of the first of three moments that always make me cry is in here. when carrie tells aidan that she’s been sleeping with big at charlotte and trey’s wedding. my friends and i are always divided on the big vs aidan debate. i think big is the one but the movie may yet prove me wrong.

this, for me, is the series where the girls’ friendship comes into its own. i love the way each character reacts to carrie and big’s affair. i love how they all end up alone by the end of the series┬ábut never seem happier.

cosmopolitans, as carries cocktail of choice, feature heavily, and we are introduced to the flirtini – pineapple, vodka and champagne. yum. i made some strawberry cosmopolitans in honour of rewatching this series. for research purposes, obviously.

download here

amber – object of your desire

andrea true connection – more more more

carol douglas – doctor’s orders

de la soul – thru ya city

de la soul and chaka khan – all good

donna summer – bad girls

groove armada – sex and the city theme

incognito – parisienne girl

jesse cook – that’s right

nick gilder – hot child in the city

steppenwolf – magic carpet ride

talvin singh – traveller


6 Responses to “sex and the city: season three soundtrack”

  1. Cecile Says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this!!! I’ve been looking for these songs for quite a while now!

  2. Yoav Says:

    i looked for this rare songs and thanks to ur website i found them-but still alot of songs from this season and other seasons u published(which i know the names of the songs) are missing.

    will be thankfull if u publish more of the seasons music !

  3. Sam Says:

    Hey I’d like to know who sings the songs when the girls are drink on a roof with the tranies, a Samantha’s party for the tranies. I would love to know cuz it’s really nice to dance..


  4. Sam Says:

    Oh Sorry! It is the last song who plays on Cock a Doodle Do

  5. Theresa Says:

    whats the song that plays in episode 33 following carries reaction to the NY Times BIg and Natasha wedding announcement when she is with charlotte? It’s a classical song.

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