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90s r&b boybands – one hit wonders November 4, 2007


 these boybands had their fans out there – somewhere. occasionally, one of these fans will recognise them when they sell them car insurance. maybe that’s enough to keep them going?

slightly more likely to get recognised are the b list and the a list are still gong strong. and now with added z list!

download here

3t – anything

sons of tito jackson who are probably around 30 now. apparently in 1996 their record sales in the UK were second only to the spice girls. who knew? tried to make a comeback but in boyband terms are a bit long in the tooth now although that hasn’t stopped take that…

911 – in a magazine

no not the geordie shortarses who had a way with the ladies. this was a teddy riley project fronted by basic black singer dezo adams. folded with their label after releasing this and ‘cutie’.

az yet – last night

az yet are still going, in two incarnations. disuptes over who owned the name led to two simultaneous groups and to be honest…i’m not going to unravel it all cos all you really need to know is that they had this hit and did a couple of chicago covers. sorted.

basic black – special kind of fool

the precursor to the above mentioned 911, with more of a new jack swing flavour. had a big hit with ‘she’s mine’.

f.s effect – i wanna be your lover

could win the coveted crap 90s album title award for ‘so deep it’s bottomless’. no other info.

kreuz – do you right

uk group who actually got signed to motown but something went wrong. not sure what exactly but, it did all sound a bit too good to be true didn’t it?

h-town – part time lover

better known for their collaboration with jodeci on ‘knockin’ the boots’, which must have made for a confusing recording session as to my mind, they are exactly the same group.

men of vizion – do thangz

had two hits that i can remember, this and ‘break me off’. little bit cheesy in a montell jordan kind of way.

motif and positive k – you told me

positive k at least, had that crazy video ‘i got a man’ that was always on the box music channel back in the day. this lot fell under the radar, big time.

p.o.v – anutha luv

probably best known for their collaboration with girl group jade ‘ all thru the nite’. wore dkny baseball shirts and bounced up and down a lot.

portrait – honey dip

perhaps the only group on this list to release three consecutive 90s albums. you could call them a poor man’s hi-five but that would be cruel…

smoove – all about her

another comedy 90s album title ‘smoove with a ruffness’ which perhaps is directly attributable to its lack of sales as in those pre-amazon days the man at the record counter would look at what you were buying and smirk..


10 Responses to “90s r&b boybands – one hit wonders”

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  3. Dre Allen Says:

    Thats F%$#*&d up! LOL…now I KNOW my ass hit the top 40 with my group IV Xample & I cant even make the Z LIST???? Thats ok…just kidding guys. But we did well in Europe…LOL…anyhow, I have a new album called Ghetto Rockstar that is KILLIN the underground & has sold 50,000 copies on my own label…times are good for indie music…HOLLA!

    • alicia Says:

      i don’t know if im asking my question in the right box but here it goes. im trying to find this song “nights like this is when im feeling like im marvelous im so alone, can’t wait til you get home sit by the candle light can’t wait for you to get it hott bring it over here to me and dont you let your rythem stop” can some one please help me i love this song and ive been looking for it for 7yrs and no luck!!!

  4. Dee Says:

    Im trying to find who sings this song, I know some of the lyrics but have had a hard time finding the actual singers…

    I think ti’s called Teenagers…

    as your growing up as a little girl, there are many things so special in your world…. Like sleeping with you teddy bear rocking in your favorite chair….

    And at nights when little girls grow up to be the lovliest sight to see the prettiest teenagers… Can anyone help???

  5. Renaesia Says:

    H-town is NOT a one hit wonder group! they had a hit Emotions in 1994 and A thin Line Between Love And Hate in 1997 from the movie with Martin Lawrence! Jodeci wasn’t even on the song Knockin’ the Boots, Luke was! Jodeci had DeVante Swing, JoJo, K-ci and Mr. Dalvin and H-Town has GI Shazam and Dino [RIP]. so therefore they are not the same people so I don’t understand your comment “they are exactly the same group” but other than this i love your blog and keep up the good work!

  6. nikki Says:

    I’m trying to find out who sings this song. I know some of the lyrics or part of the hook. “This is for the playas in the hood up to no good & it’s ??? It’s just an ordinary day”

  7. nikki Says:

    can anyone help me plz


  8. Beentherenotdoneit Says:

    US Black artists sell much better in the UK because their pop radio is less segregated than here in the states. Unlike the US market where black artist have short shelf life most of them still manage to pull crowds or at least fill a nice club in Europe. I guess it is because of the more balanced exposure and not because Europe has a less dynamic pop scene [most white one hit wonders still find fans in US.

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