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90s girl groups – one hit wonders August 29, 2007


if celebrity can be measured by the likelihood of someone turning up on a reality tv show, let’s be clear. these girls aren’t making it onto any islands, into any houses and won’t be choking down koala poo in any jungles.

image was a problem for many of the groups. in the early 90s, grunge influenced fashion even through to the polarised r&b scene. girl band members found themselves in lumberjack shirts, heavy denim and doc martens, in order to be taken serioously in the male dominated urban scene. topped off with heavy matt makeup and elaborate hairstyles that thankfully didn’t seem to move too much whilst they were dancing.

note tlc became far more successful once they ditched the tumble tots wear and condom-based accessories. check out the a list and the b list too. and the even less successful than on this list, list

download here

7669 – 69 ways to love a black man

i remember seeing 7669 videos on the box and thinking they were a bit ghetto. like an entire group of adina howards.  but they had some good tunes on east from a bad block, their one and only 1993 album. no doubt they would seem tame now and at least they wore clothes.

asia blue – escaping

in 1992 this was on my local radio station playlist and I’m surprised it didn’t become a much bigger hit. dina carroll covered it several years later but the original is far better. less r&b and more contemporary soul, with obvious new age influences.

blackgirl – krazy

ok, not so much one-hit wonders but in the UK at least, ’90s girl’ was their only success. this, their first track, features smooth. they actually recorded two albums, the second of which remains unreleased.

divine – lately

this was their only hit, rerecorded for the european market by samantha mumba. band member kia auditioned for this year’s american idol but didn’t make it past hollywood. they must have been young, then, when they were together?

earth gyrlz – love of mine

who were these girls? google uncovers little about them other than this track. and, that band member tanesha now performs in musicals so at least we know one of them has a job!

ex-girlfriend – why can’t you come home

started out in 1985 as petite, and recorded a tribute to new edition called ‘he’s so fine’. later became ex-girlfriend and had success with this and an album. stacy left and they continued as three for life but both solo and band attempts failed.

infiniti – will you be my baby

london-based trio. well, i had the single, grand puba was on the remix and he mentioned lauryn hill in his spot as far as i remember. band member dionne is now recording again after working in a pharmacy since the band split. but she did meet her husband there, so…result.

sa-deuce – don’t waste my time

there’s no information about this duo online. its scary to think that something from only just over a decade ago is lost forever just because no one put it online. it makes it seem really ancient.

s.h.e. – in the middle

another trio that failed to live up to their potential. the album ‘3’s a charm’ was nice but a little too commercial in parts. they remind me a bit of brownstone.

tcf crew – i ain’t the one

scant info on this group but they did record an answer track to color me badd’s ‘i wanna sex you up’ called ‘if you wanna sex me up’. would so love to find that. 

trellini – i wanna be yours

ok, as it turns out, not a group. i used to mix her up with tenderoni as they both had videos on the box around the same time, and i was looking for this track for years thinking it was one of theirs…

y?n-vee – chocolate

def jam group who are most memorable for their totally ghetto name.


5 Responses to “90s girl groups – one hit wonders”

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  2. Hello, let me start by saying that no one can truly know the road that ANY artist has walked to get noticed in the music industry. Let me ask you, do you know anything about the group?…have you ever aspired to be a signed artist on a record label? I don’t think so. If you did you would be more thoughtful in your comments. Most of the time it’s the ones commenting that have never walked this road or actually don’t have the god given talent to become a performer. The true artist has always been one from conception and can’t imagine doing anything else.

    I found your comments harsh, and truly ignorant. I was one of the members of the group. And I am not a one hit wonder. I just don’t need a magazine, record label or website to define me…and I am still performing being seen, being heard and still recording. I am only sorry that you truly believe that you make us… The one thing an artist doesn’t need is a non talent ignoramus to comment on something that they themselves haven’t experienced in life. If you HAVE been a performer in the past or present, your comments display to me that YOU yourself may have been a one hit wonder and have not been able to move beyond YOUR past. Just take heed and know that some of us are fine with where life is for us…happy for the experience…by no means a “one hit wonder”

    You are the pefect example of what an optimistic personality does not need. Understand this: An artist opens up his/her soul to let you and the world in to our creative minds, worlds, lives. The world is a better place for it and without those colorful, imaginative, souls the world as we know it would crash and burn. Now put that in your Dirty Martini glass and take a shot.

  3. dirtymartini Says:

    i think you’ve misinterpreted the purpose of this post!

    this post is to show those who weren’t old enough, or interested at the time, in 90s r&b, that tlc, jade and swv weren’t the only girl groups. the fact some groups only had one or two hits does make them what is commonly termed as a ‘one hit wonder’.

    i’m not trying to say this is indicative of talent – i’ve simply grouped bands by their level of success in the UK. if i thought the music was crap i wouldn’t be posting it. but the r&b industry was saturated with girl bands and some were more successful than others. fact.

    i’m glad you’re still performing and don’t feel the need to play the industry game. but i don’t accept that i said anything ‘harsh’ although it clearly hit a nerve. calling me a ‘non talent ignoramus’ isn’t any better. in any case, i do have a non-performance related career in the media and i do very well thanks. i’m sorry but i really think you need to loosen up…if george michael can laugh at himself then so can you.

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